Posted by: tjmorrey | January 13, 2012

Wanna test your game? Get a Handicap and Play Tournaments!

I’ve always been fascinated by the game of golf because it’s a game where you can always improve. You can never master it. Sure you can become professional and make a living doing it, but the game itself can never be beaten. You can beat your competitors, you can beat your friends, you can win a tournament, but you can never beat the game. What I love about golf is, no matter how good or bad you think you are, there’s always something you can fine tune to become a better player. It could be your driver, long irons, short game, or even your mentality playing the game. How can you measure what you need to work on you ask? The answer is: Establish a handicap. Play in some competitive golf tournaments!

First and foremost you need to establish a handicap. Basically a handicap is taking your last 10 scores and averaging them out to show what you would usually score in a round of golf. For example: you have an 8 handicap. That means your average round of golf, if played on a par 72 golf course, should be an 80. Now if you don’t know what par is and all that jazz leave me a comment and I will explain it to you personally, but most of you should know what I’m taking about so far. Now back to the task at hand. After you’ve established a handicap you can enter in as many tournaments as you want all over the world. There are hundreds of thousands of ways to play tournament golf. Locally there is the Northern Nevada Golf Association, which is a local amateur golf tour all around the Reno, Sparks, Carson City area. Another way is to join a golf men’s club at any golf course around town. They have fun, prize filled tournaments all throughout the golf season. This is also a great way to NETWORK yourself, meet new people, and test your game competitively.

I guarantee you, if you want something to measure your golf game, playing in as many tournaments as you possibly can is the absolute best way to do it. I also guarantee, if you love the game, and have a competitive spirit you will grasp this, adrenaline filled, excited, nervous feeling that for some reason becomes addicting like a drug. All of a sudden all you want to do is play tournament style golf all the time and that’s how you get better. It’s 100 times different than playing with some co-workers, and 100 times more rewarding if you play well or even win. You will attain an enormous amount of information after you play in your first tournament. You learn about yourself, and what you maybe need to work on mentally.

You will learn about your game and what things need to be improved in that aspect, and you will figure out the things you were good at under pressure. It is such an awesome feeling to be able to perform in a competitive environment with high stakes on the line.

My next blog will be how I prepare for a tournament and how you can too!


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