Posted by: tjmorrey | January 14, 2012

Something Different. Change is FUN!

First I want to apologize for not writing about preparing for a golf tournament, but this day is too huge to not blog about.

I love playoff football! I have been San Francisco 49ers fan for a long time. I’m not super hardcore about it. I don’t wear jerseys, I don’t paint my face, my best friend Gino handles most of those things, but I do set aside my day to watch the games. Today was a monumental day for all 49ers fans everywhere. Playing the New Orleans Saints in the Divisonal playoffs, was a task that seemed unattainable. Frankly, I was already prepared for a loss, which in any sport isn’t the greatest mentality to have I know! Gino and I were just so used to losing.  What I really wanted was to just enjoy my Saturday with a good game. Just keep it close and I’ll be happy, I was thinking, getting the chips, salsa, and pizza ready before the game.

After 4 hours of ups and downs, stress, screaming, cheering,  and in the end celebrating running around the house like I just won the lottery. The 49ers pulled it off. THEY WON! It was probably the greatest game I’ve ever seen. I really just wanted to pop open champagne and spray it all over Gino and I.

It also made my realize that with hard work, determination, faith, even a little bit of luck anything can be accomplished. Any given day no matter what the stakes are, anything can happen. Staying positive, and just knowing in your heart that you can win then YOU WILL WIN. You can defy the odds and have days like today. That’s what the 49ers did today, and I want to congratulate them and the fans all across the world. 



  1. Its always great to see your team do so well. Congrats tothe 49’ers, now to get these Bronco’s in gear, I got the kids in their jursies, and trying to get Tom to cheer for the Bronco’s, but he is secretly cheering for the Patriots. I really would like to see a 49’er vs. Bronco super bowl. Fingers crossed things change for this current game quickly!!! 😉

    • Mary,
      Yes it has been a long time since I’ve seen the 49ers even in the playoffs let alone win. I was rooting so hard for the Broncos to win all season. Tim Tebow what an amazing story, it’s too bad they lost, but great things are coming for the Broncos I feel.

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