Posted by: tjmorrey | January 17, 2012

Want 20-25 More Yards? Hit the Gym!

We all have seen those 1-800 Commercials on TV showing us the new latest and greatest product that you just can’t live without. Then they reel you in more by saying… But wait! If you call now we’ll send you something else for free! Reading this you’re probably thinking: Shoot TJ caught me, yes we’ve all done it. Especially when it comes to golf, those new drivers that guarantee you 40 extra yards or your money back. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve actually watched those and say, “I wonder if that
really does work.” I should try it to prove them wrong. I really don’t know anybody who has called in on one of those infomercials and actually raved about it. (If you have, leave me a comment. I’m interested to see if it actually worked for you.) You want my advice on how to gain an extra 20-25 more yards, have more stamina at the end of your rounds, be able to play all day without feeling fatigued? Hit the gym! Work those muscles. Curls for the girls baby!

I started to really take working out seriously about 4 years ago, and I can tell you that it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me physically. I’m stronger, I have more stamina, I rarely get tired towards the end of my round, and I gained about 20 more yards in distance that I didn’t think was possible. I also gained something through working out that I took to the golf course mentally: Discipline. I can admit before I got the opportunity to play golf professionally, I didn’t take it very seriously, I knew that I was pretty good, but I was sort of lazy. I rarely practiced, I just didn’t have the

discipline to do what I’m doing now. There were so many times, I’d be driving to the gym saying to myself, “Damn, I really don’t feel like working out today, I just want to go watch movies and sleep.” Eventually, every single time I’d always end up at the gym and once I’d start getting into my workout, I’d have to finish it, I wouldn’t quit. Then when I was done I’d feel so much better about myself that I just did it. I focused on just getting it done. I take that into account when I go practice my golf game now, I just tell myself just get it done, it needs to be done and you can do it.

Honestly, going to the gym has helped me cope with stress and anger as well. Whenever I’d feel myself become super stressed out or angry after a bad practice session, or a terrible round, or even a bad tournament for that matter, I’d always find myself taking it out at the gym. It’s truly a place where you can go where you want to scream at the top of your lungs and run through a wall because your so mad, and when you leave your calm, cooled off, no more anger. It’s amazing! I recommend every single person out there reading this blog, that the gym can be your sanctuary to deal with issues. You can be as mad and as angry as you want and the weights won’t ever judge you, the treadmill doesn’t talk back to you, and the bench press certainly won’t ever scream back in your face and tell you to calm down. I promise you, any workout is a great workout. It doesn’t even have to be specifically for golf, it can be anything you want to help you stay in shape get a little bit of muscle under your belt and gain an extra 20-25 yards in your golf game.


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