Posted by: tjmorrey | January 19, 2012

Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations!

When the pressure is so enormous and your coming down the last few holes knowing your in contention to win or already in the lead, you all of a sudden feel a weight on your entire body. You legs become heavy, your breathing becomes faster, your heart rate is increasing, and your sweating like you just got out of the sauna. What’s that called. NERVES!! How do you become comfortable in an uncomfortable situation? How do avoid taking a divot so big it would make a bald person’s eyes light up because he could make it into a beautiful head of hair? You stick to your routine!!!

We all have a basic routine in life. Wake up, shower, eat, work, come home, watch your favorite show because it’s always on tuesday nights at 8. Whatever it may be, but if that basic routine that you do day in and day out becomes skewed or tampered with because something unpredictable happens. How do you handle it? What do you do to cope with it? Do you except it? Fight it? Tell me what you do! The same can be said with golf. On the first tee to your last putt, you should have a routine for every single shot in your round. If you don’t have one…get one immediately. A routine can help you cope with the pressures and the stresses that suddenly spur up throughout a golf round.

I’m constantly changing my routine and making adjustments to it in my practice sessions, to get as comfortable as I possibly can before I hit my next shot. That’s really what it’s all about, staying within your game, within your head, being as relaxed and as comfortable as you can in each shot. I’m not saying you won’t feel the pressures, and you won’t be nervous. Trust me those feelings are absolutely still there. I’m just saying if you stay within your routine you can trick your body and your mind into thinking this is just another golf shot, it’s no different from the last one. It doesn’t mean anything more or anything less.  If you can do that, you will see magic in your game, I promise. Golf is game that is 90% mental and 10%… well mental. If you stick to a routine throughout your entire golf game you won’t break down in pressure situations.


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