Posted by: tjmorrey | March 5, 2012

Bitter Sweet: Frustration then Celebration!!

Hello to all once again apologize for the absence of blogs lately. I have been trying to work as hard as I can on my game with the days we have nice weather, and working out at the gym when we don’t, so needless to say I have been pretty busy. I will quickly get you up to speed as of tonight. I have played at Morgan Creek Golf Course in Roseville, CA for the Players Tour. A wonderful, tough, shot makers type golf course. It was in fantastic condition and I played decent enough to take third place. Yes, Ill take it but I was disappointed. My golf coach Chris Gerdin went with me, and he helped out a lot, keeping me focused on the task at hand and helping me on some putts.

Next tourney was a place called Wente Vineyards Golf Course in Livermore, CA, also for the Players Tour. What a cool place, weather was amazing; about 65 degrees and sunny. The course was probably the best condition that I’ve played in all year so far. The greens were super fast and the rough was healthy and thick (reminded me of PGA Tour type conditions, which is wonderful). I started out of the gate playing beautifully, hitting the ball crisp and making a few putts. Then for some reason I made one bad swing and I was fighting everything the rest of the day. I ended up only losing by three strokes which is kind of frustrating knowing that I could have walked away a winner, but a good learning experience for me in the end to move on and keep working hard. With the way I was swinging the club I knew I was so incredibly close to having a breakout round or breakout tournament and I knew in my heart that I could walk away a winner in the next one.

That’s exactly what I did. When I got back home from Wente, I worked diligently with Chris Gerdin to hone in on my routine, and also making sure my swing was still dialed in and I just went out and practiced hard and played some holes like it was a tournament to prepare me mentally.

I felt like I had a great two weeks and I entered myself into my first Pepsi Tour event that was two days starting yesterday, finishing today. It was at Paradise Valley Golf Course in Fairfield, CA. I was very excited and a little bit nervous not knowing what to expect out of my competition, but I felt confident with my game and I just had to remind myself that I can play with the best of them. Huge shout out to my buddy for life and my caddie Nick Fermoile, who helped me relax, focus, laugh, and talk me through certain shots all weekend.

I shot a two over 74 on the first day with a couple bad holes and some bad luck to go with but I hit the ball the best I’ve hit it all year. After the first day I was only one stroke back from the leader and I knew that I could make up that stroke and win the tourney. We went back to the course last night for a little late night practice session to hone in on some drivers and some iron shots. Came to the course this morning feeling fantastic ( in part because Nick and I found a new gem for breakfast at Jamba Juice called the Crunchy Strawberry Topper. Oh my gosh, it’s amazing, filling, gives you energy that lasted me almost all round. It’s a strawberry smoothie with some peanut butter, topped with granola and bananas. I know on paper doesn’t sound so hot but trust me it’s my new favorite). I started out with a birdie on the first hole and ran from there. Again I hit the ball like an absolute super star, putted decent, but in the end it was enough to get the WIN by two strokes. I couldn’t be happier with my game right now and I know that it still needs a little bit of work. However, I’m enjoying this win, big shout out to my coach Chris Gerdin and again Nick Fermoile. Just know I couldn’t have done it without you guys, as well as all my supporters out there. Thank you so much and I want this to be a habit, WINNING!!.


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